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Experience Tork
  • 25 March,2019
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26th January, 2019. A day we need to commemorate in our history and share with you, our dear readers. It was a day when we planned to give our customers and well-wishers a taste of what we had been up to, in recent times. We decided to break down the walls between your curiosity and our company and were able to give you a sneak peek into our inventory. As an effort to give you guys some insight into the happenings of the past few months at Tork Motors, we planned an all exclusive Tork Experience Ride – a day with our prototypes on a mini racetrack!

The date was set, as we invited a bunch of riders (who also happened to be electric vehicle enthusiasts) and handed the keys to our power-packed monster ‘The Tork T6X’. We welcomed the riders on stage as well, which ensured our T6X gets the maximum mileage it can get those track curves. In an effort to showcase what we had achieved to date, we set the stage and picked 25 people who had been more than eager to know about our latest endeavours in the Tork T6X. The experience ride was set up by us at a professional test facility situated in Pune, where we usually conduct our product testing sessions.

The keys to our little monster were handed to this bunch of enthusiasts and they were given the full privilege of getting out whatever they could, of the T6X test model.

Why “Experience Tork”?

The Experience ride was planned so as to give all the people an insight about what we had been up to. It was for those who had been trying to reach out to us and were curious. A large number of motorcycle and EV enthusiasts had
enrolled and registered on our website to know more about the product and their curiosity to find out every detail of this bike, got them here. Out of the various entries received, we sent out invites to a few who were selected
randomly and called over to our test facility in order to test ride our prototypes.

The whole reason behind this Experience ride was simple, we wanted to make sure that people understand that riding an electric motorcycle for the first time or at any given point of time, is way different than riding a normal motorcycle. The whole concept of riding a motorcycle just changes when you shift from an IC engine drive chain to a more Fun and prudent machine. This change, however, seems to be minimal in the design or for the visual aspect of the bike, but it does make a remarkable difference in the ride.

It was in our knowledge that people here still haven’t had a chance to ride
electric bikes, so we wanted to make them accustomed to it in addition to
making them feel what it will feel like to ride the bike of the future! The sheer reason behind getting regular people involved in this process of ours was to give them a taste of what fell ahead of their time. And this made the event even more exciting for our team as well.


The Experience Ride

Riding an actual bike with no physical gears or even a clutch lever might sound confusing, but when you actually get to ride it, that’s exactly when you can’t ever get enough of it! After riding an electric bike for the first time, the whole concept of riding a bike is just re-written into your headspace. The throttle response of electric vehicle is spontaneous, the fact that EV has less than 10% of moving parts than that of conventional I.C. engine, makes the whole ride even more comfortable, vibration free and fun. This is what the future of riding motorcycles will feel like!

Why Electric Vehicles and Why Tork Motors?

Apart from making our followers happy, the subsidiary reason for setting up this ride was also to ensure that we educate people regarding what electric motorcycles are and what they’re going to be in the near future. Trying to fit in with the facts of a non-existing clutch lever and a non-existing gear shifter, our riders did come out to us and say that this ride was way different than what they had expected it to be.

The Tork Motors T6X being an all- Electric bike doesn’t make any considerable noise. The sound is almost inaudible and all you can hear while accelerating is the wind cutting its way in, into your helmet’s visor, we call it the ‘Sound of Silence’. The ride being utterly smooth and vibration free, almost every other rider was kept spellbound for hours to come. Also, the weight distribution of the bike which is markedly different can be felt while riding it. All the concentrated weight of the bike is in the battery pack which is situated in the middle frame of the bike. This makes the CG of the bike quite appreciable and also allows the T6X to glide through the corners easily and keeps the ride tidy and smooth.

This is what we wanted to get out to you guys. These small details, which our customers haven’t yet experienced, were the main reason why we got our little monsters out of their cages that day. Riding an electric bike is an
altogether different experience and we had to give it to some of you who had been eagerly waiting for it and have been patient and loyal to our brand through all this while.

The event was wrapped post some extended hours of riding and lots of Q&A’s between the riders and the Tork team. It was surely an amazing experience to have so many inputs from the riders along with the experiences they narrated with their glowing, joyous faces after the ride. The riders were then bestowed with some gift hampers to conclude the ride. The hampers included some Tork T6X key chains and Tork T-Shirts which were offered to each of them. These goodies were handed over to ensure that their trust stays with the brand and in appreciation to their patience and support. In future whenever they come across the brand, they’ll be reminded of The Adrenaline filled – Tork Experience Ride.

When is the Next Ride Happening?

The next ride will happen as soon as you guys flood us our inboxes again in with those ride requests and inquiries about knowing more about the ride and the bike. Your curiosity to discover more about the TORK T6X will for sure get you to that stage sooner than anyone else. So write into us about it! Let us know how eager you are to know more about our battery packed monster. And yes it will happen! There are going to be more upcoming Experience Ride events and there shall be new invites sent every other month as well. So, in order to ensure that you get here soon, go to our website and register to find out more and to stay updated. For any kind of queries or enquires please get into touch with us on our website.

Feedback and Interactions!

To make this happen more often, we need to hear from you guys! We have been listening and we always have been looking forward to receiving some genuine feedback from your end. We need to learn more about your eagerness for the T6X, or what is it that you are looking forward to having in your electric bike? We love our supporters who have never let their hopes down and we will appreciate it more if you guys interact with us about the product or the brand even more in order to help us grow better and faster.

Although, this isn’t the first time the T6X has been spied, what people are speculating about it is what holds our interest. We have read and seen about our own products on various pages and platforms and have also noticed the
assumptions and expectations from the T6X.

We at Tork Motors are trying our best to make every other minute count; in order to make sure our motorcycles get out on the road as soon as possible. Compared to other automotive giants, we are amongst the newer organizations, so naturally, it is taking us a little more time than calculated to set up India’s first production-ready electric motorcycle. New setup, new data, everything in this product has started out from scratch and look where we are

It has been a collective and profound effort on behalf of our teams to get to this point and all of this was not at all possible without your support and patience! We have aimed to revolutionize not only the motorcycle manufacturing industry but the process as well. Owing to our legacy of the racetrack, we believe in ride-centric machines and aim to customize it as per your needs and ride style. Consequently, we were extremely happy to include
our customers in this development program. Setting up of this Experience ride surely helped us increase and establish a strong and interactive relationship between the consumer end and the Tork team.


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